“Photography is the advent of myself as other: a cunning dissociation of the awareness of identity”. On the amphibology and translations of the word "persona". Vietnik is a musical pseudonym, a proxy, a cyborg, a “self-portrait as a building and buildung”. The work addresses the ambiguity and the duality of the photographic medium and its tie to the performative construction of identities.

A photographic biopic, at the commingling of biographical reality and schizophrenic facade, retraces this story through a new book, a double installation and a 9 chapter website. A temporal tension, between the tradition of the American trip and its differences and repetitions in today digital world, lies in the duality of this fragmented representation.

The combined use of original and archival material emulates and subverts the increasingly popular Hollywood format of the biopic. How does this trend of today cultural consumer is connected to the performative construction of social identities? How much of me appears in the photographed “persona” (“mask” -Latin, “public image” -English)?